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Sometimes you just feel like having a friend do the work for you and then show you how to manage your own website.

This is perfectly okay! We do not all have to learn the hard way through many failed attempts and frustrations. Why not take my hand and let's do it together, okay? 

Do you want your website up and running without wasting any valuable time building your website? 

Letting me help you can take a week at a minimum but most likely we will be working on it together for an entire month. It really depends on your schedule and availability too. This is a do-it-with-you approach and even though I do most of the heavy lifting and building - which can take me two days easily - we need to make sure that your website represents YOU and that the customer journey on your website is clear to avoid confusion or overwhelming website visitors.  

What others have said:

"I absolutely love my Kadence themed website design from Feathered Vine. I unsuccessfully tried building a WordPress site using all the "easy to follow" tutorials only to find myself completely frustrated and overwhelmed. Not only do I now have a beautiful site, but I've learned how to manage the content and develop the site on my own. I love the tutorial videos that Yolande has made--her instructions are so clear and I feel empowered all along the way. It's been a true joy to work with her!" – Karin Co-Founder of Inspiring Involvement

"So happy I found Feathered Vine! I desperately needed help with the structure of my website and this was exactly the assistance I needed. I loved having Zoom calls to specifically talk about certain page and design features I wanted. Most importantly, I learned how to add design elements so I can continue to work on my website independently once the groundwork was finished! Highly recommend!" - Anna of The Polished Pine

What is included for a new website:

  • Install + setup WordPress
  • Setup Kadence WP Theme
  • Create Pages, Categories, and Menus
  • Install Plugins
  • Set Customizer Settings
  • Create + customize website design
  • Establish cohesive branding
  • Load blog or recipe post layout
  • Ready for you to add content

What is included for an established Website: 

  • Change over to Kadence WP
  • Audit website and declutter Plugins
  • Refine website design
  • Establish cohesive branding
  • Ensure clear navigation
  • Load blog template for new posts


  • Weekly Zoom Call, we check in with each other, and I give you tasks to do so that you feel part of the whole process.
  • Personalized video guides filmed on your website to teach you the WordPress skills you need to operate your newly set up website.
  • Three weeks of ongoing support if you need any help or something breaks and you need guidance after your site setup is completed.

*Refund Policy

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